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There is quite a handful of sessions that need to be blogged, and I will get to them. There has been a reason for the lack of activity on this blog. There are Sessions booked this year that I'm super excited about!!! But I wanted to let you all in about the changes that are being made. Last Fall, if you told me that I would probably end up changing things up with my photography, I wouldn't have believed you! But here I am letting you in on a little surprise. It's a sad one for some that I never would have imagined happening, but it's also an inspired one and suits me and my family so much better like I've wanted. Plus, this is totally me! Before I tell you, I want to say thank you for all of my clients. For those past and those that I will be meeting for the rest of the year! Thank you for your business! You are all incredible!

You all know me as a Portrait and Wedding Photographer. I've been doing it for 6 years! I have loved it, grown so much and so thankful for this experience! But things are changing! I have come to finally realized what it is I should be doing! At first I loved newborns & weddings. Then I faced my fears of trying out Senior Photography, which became my ultimate choice of session! I believe during that time I learned and grew so much! 

Whelp, now it's time to tell you, I am changing to be a Product Stylist and Commercial Photographer!!! It fills all my creative desires, I really, really enjoy it. And once I discovered that I could be apart of this realm of photography, it felt so right! I know I will long to photograph people. I will from time to time have people sessions with editorial and lifestyle shots. But I will miss my clients! It really has pulled at my heart when I think about leaving Portrait Sessions. 

I wrote up the whole story of how it all came to be. It's quite the story! And it comes from the heart! It truly was inspired and Heavenly Father directed me all the way. Along with being a Product Stylist & Commercial Photographer, I will be shooting styled stock photography, editorial & lifestyle images, images dedicated to social media and I'm adding in Fine Art Images to my shop! These types of images will mostly serve creatives, business owners, online shop owners, designers & bloggers of all creative types. Beautiful styled images provide tremendous growth and brings them to that next level! I'ts a total game changer!

This is such a fun adventure! If you'd like to follow along and read the story, the link is down below this post! If this is something that you would be interested in, then help yourself to signing up for the newsletter where I will be giving out a free monthly image! If you are interested in the Fine Art to hang upon your walls...then follow along as I'll be adding them soon to the shop!

For my long-time clients, and really all the clients that I've helped out in the past (and my clients for the rest of this year), if you really would like to have a future photography session you can always ask me and I'd be glad to do it if it fits in with my schedule! I will not be marketing to new clients. I thank all of you for your business and for spreading by word of mouth, because that's how I do business. If you continue to spread the word, I would like to kindly ask to spread it to business individuals that would benefit from Styled Product & Commercial Photography! 

Here's introducing you to Charmingly Savvy:

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